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Truckin’ for stones…

Took an unexpected and interesting photo shoot request just a few weeks ago…fire hall construction, trucking company, super stacker, stockpiles of aggregate for road works, berm construction…guessed yet? McGregor & Amherst Quarries, the area’s only limestone quarries located in Essex County, part of Walker Industries. With the recent ownership change of the quarry 2 years ago, Walker Industries reach out to their community by highlighting their activities through community newsletters, hence the photo shoot.

It’s a completely different feel to be surrounded by mounting walls that are blasted and excavated to extract aggregate for use in our communities. Stone, sand and gravel – aggregates – all used for the roads we drive on, arenas we skate in and foundations for buildings we learn, work and live in.

Yup…t’was an interesting photo shoot 🙂


2 thoughts on “Truckin’ for stones…”

  1. It was an eye-opener!

    The high berms you see driving along on Howard Ave in McGregor are there to conceal and absorb the vibrations and noise from the quarry blasts. The Ministry of Natural Resources mandate that berms must be built 20-40 feet high around the perimeter of the quarry.

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