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05 Feb 2015

Getting comfy on the other side of the lens…

I don’t mind getting my photo taken – at the right angle, on my good side, under the perfect light setting and when I’ve lost that elusive, hard-to-target 10 lbs. You get the drift… As part photographer, I feel best when I’m behind the camera and lightening up others for the photo shoot. But being self-employed means promoting yourself, your brand, your skills and YOU! It also means putting your face in front of your prospects, connecting with them, hoping […]

11 Jul 2014

Truckin’ for stones…

Took an unexpected and interesting photo shoot request just a few weeks ago…fire hall construction, trucking company, super stacker, stockpiles of aggregate for road works, berm construction…guessed yet? McGregor & Amherst Quarries, the area’s only limestone quarries located in Essex County, part of Walker Industries. With the recent ownership change of the quarry 2 years ago, Walker Industries reach out to their community by highlighting their activities through community newsletters, hence the photo shoot. It’s a completely different feel to […]

15 Mar 2013

Hearty Oven Beef Stew for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day Treat – A hearty stew! St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner! Nothing like a great stew to start celebrating! My son, Drake (who couldn’t look anymore Irish while cooking!) chose to make a stew for his Food assignment over March Break. His biggest challenge? How to cut onions without tearing up (yes…I purposely forgot to mention the cold water soaking method just to watch him handle it :D). It was y.u.m.m.y…great job Drake!! A perfect lean […]